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Your garage floor takes a beating each day with heavy vehicles rolling in and out, tracking in mud, dirt, rain, and more. It stores your lawnmower, toys and other equipment, endures spills, and works hard for you day in and day out.

With all that’s required of it, you want to protect your garage floor it in a way that is lasting, and instantly boosts its appeal and functionality.

That’s why we provide professional garage floor coatings that are guaranteed to last and that look beautiful – all in one day!

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Lasting Beauty

Our polyurea floor coatings create truly stunning garage floors and at the same time increase its functionality, safety, and durability. Easy to maintain, your new garage floor will still look great decades down the road!

yellow car parked on polyurea garage floor coating in los angeles
boat on polyurea garage floor coating in los angeles


Your children, grandchildren, and pets play and run through your garage at top speed. It’s critical that your floors are as safe as possible so that your loved ones don’t succumb to dangerous slips and falls.

With our polyurea coating system, you can have anti-skid options built into your garage floor, providing safety and peace of mind. Plus, because our floors are easy to clean and antibacterial and antimicrobial, you can feel confident having children play on the floor.

two kids playing on polyurea garage floor
dog sitting at top of stairs on new custom garage floor coating
toddler playing with toy lawnmower on polyurea garage floor


When you do a job, you do it right — the first time. And that means choosing durable materials that last – both inside and outside. Traditional  garage floor coatings fail because they’re water-based epoxy systems. It’s true that they are low cost and easy to install – but they don’t last!

Our concrete coatings will tolerate more than 200 degrees of heat/temperature which eliminates common problems with epoxy like hot tire pickup. Our coatings are also cooler on the feet than bare concrete making it a great option for pool decks and patios.

Our industry-leading formulations are not available to the public. We use superior polyurea which won’t chip or peel, is 4x stronger than epoxy, and comes with a 15-year residential warranty. You’ll receive decades of durability, satisfaction, and value.

picture of a concrete driveway that has been coated with polyurea
picture of a concrete walkway that has been coated with polyurea
picture of a pool deck that was coated with polyurea

Best Warranty on the Market

We proudly stand behind the quality, durability and benefits of our garage floor coatings which is why each installation comes with a 15-year Residential Warranty. We are confident you’ll enjoy your new floor for decades to come!

Custom Colors & Finishes

You can carry your home’s unique look into your garage to create seamless transitions. We offer a variety of Enviroflake colors that can be mixed and matched to exactly meet your specific needs.

The smooth appearance of polyurea will enhance your garage, transforming it into a beautiful additional living space in your home. Below are a sample of popular chip colors.

picture of flint chip color for floor coatings
adobe enviroflake
picture of field stone chip color for floor coatings
Field Stone
picture of granite chip color for floor coatings
picture of smoke chip color for floor coatings
picture of slate stone chip color for floor coatings
Slate Stone
picture of silver creek chip color for floor coatings
Silver Creek
picture of sandstone chip color for floor coatings
picture of pecan chip color for floor coatings
picture of pebble beach chip color for floor coatings
Pebble Beach
picture of mediterranean chip color for floor coatings
picture of driftwood chip color for floor coatings
picture of domino chip color for floor coatings
picture of cordwood chip color for floor coatings
picture of chestnut chip color for floor coatings
picture of aztec chip color for floor coatings

What Makes Polyurea Different Than Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy coatings harden with time and can become brittle in as little as two years, leading to chipping, peeling and cracks in your floor.

Polyurea on the other hand is strong and flexible, and engineered for maximum adhesion to concrete. In fact, it finds the open pores in your concrete and bonds deep into the substrate so that it becomes a permanent part of your garage floor.

Our polyurea garage floor coatings are resistant to chemicals, to abrasions, and to wear, plus, they are antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Examples of Cracked, Chipped Epoxy Floors

Do one of these pictures look like your epoxy floor? If so, we can help!

picture of chipped epoxy floor
cracked epoxy floor example
example of cracked epoxy floor coating

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