Painting Happiness

What Is Painting Happiness?

At ALLBRiGHT PAINTING, our mission is Painting Happiness™. For our Valencia and Los Angeles painting pros, happiness is both what they bring to each job, and the end result when that job is finished. While plenty of painting companies can promise you quality, long-lasting work and qualified contractors, only ALLBRiGHT offers you those things and the promise of happiness as well.

Painting Happiness™ is:

  • Brightening our client’s homes and businesses so they continue to bring happiness when they drive up to their beautifully painted exteriors.
  • Coloring our client’s interiors with exclusive ALLBRiGHT colors that bring them joy as they show off their newly painted environments. – Expect Brilliance!
  • Cheering up the community with our annual Paint-It-Forward events – These events always lift the spirit of those who receive a FREE Paint Makeover.
  • Joyfully providing award-winning customer service and quality work with exquisite attention to detail that compels our clients to happily refer us.
  • Gladly standing behind our unique “No-Exclusions” warranties and correcting any issue, even the ones most others won’t.
  • Wonderfully working together. ALLBRiGHT has always been a great place to work. We focus on a “we” not “me” attitude within our Painting Happiness™ teams.
  • Enthusiastically teaching and speaking around the country to help our fellow tradesmen become the best that they can be by developing systems that raise the level of all painting professionals.

“Painting Happiness™ … it’s that moment you smile because you are so happy with the results and your ALLBRiGHT experience” – ALLBRiGHT Chief Solutionist Josh Abramson.

At ALLBRiGHT, we’ve been “Painting Happiness™” for over 30 years—it’s what we do! To learn more about our Painting Happiness™ culture visit our Careers page or listen to this podcast interview with ALLBRiGHT company Founder Josh Abramson. And remember, for a Los Angeles painting company that always puts the happiness of its employees and customers over everything, always go with ALLBRiGHT!

Call (661) 464-0771 for a free estimate, or request more info on Painting Happiness™ here.

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