How to Paint Your Home Before the Holidays

The holidays are a time to focus on the important things: family, friends, simple pleasures, food, and carrying on traditions. There’s a special warmth in the air that never really visits during any other time of year.

There is another fun side to the holidays, however, and it’s one that we don’t admit to quite as quickly: it feels great to have your house looking its best, and to hear visiting family and other guests say “Wow!” after stepping through your door. Going beyond just seasonal decorations, you do all you can to bump up the “wow” factor with these holiday painting ideas!

With this end goal in mind, the question becomes: where do you start?

Bring Your Pre-Holiday Painting Goals Into Focus

The possibilities are endless when it comes to interior painting and decorating. Because of that, a lot of people find themselves in a state of overwhelmed, painting paralysis.

Let’s resist that. Below you’ll find 6 tips to help you define your project and get it off to a good start:

  • Make a Plan – Take a few minutes to really think through your strategy. What do you want to accomplish ultimately? Research different looks for the rooms that are especially important to you, and determine what is realistic for your time-frame.
  • Take Multiple Spaces Into Account – A good interior design scheme should flow from room to room, connecting spaces in a way that makes sense. Try overlapping colors; why not paint an accent decoration in one room the same color as the wall in the next room over?
  • Maximize the “Wow” Factor – Focus your painting power on the places that will make the most impact: kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms are the big ones.
  • Cabinet Refinishing – This is much more cost-effective than replacing your cabinets, and it makes a radical transformation in your home very quickly.
  • Try an Accent Wall – Especially in a kitchen where there is often not as much blank wall space to work with, try painting an accent color. It takes less time than painting an entire room, but it makes a big stylistic difference.
  • Ask a Professional Painter! – Asking a local, reputable painting company for help takes the stress (and time commitment!) right out of the project. Just make sure to do your research so that you know you’ve found the right painting company for you.

Painting the Areas that Matter Most

It is not necessary to paint the entire house during the holiday season. Save time and money by concentrating on the rooms where your guests will spend most of their time.

  1. Dining Room - Make your dining room look festive for the holidays. It is appropriate that you give this room a makeover since it will serve meals to your guests. Repainting the dining area will rejuvenate it. Pick colors that complement your holiday decor. For entertaining, the paint colors should complement the linens, tablecloths, and centerpieces.

  2. Kitchen Cabinets - You may want to paint the cabinets in your kitchen to add a nice touch to your home for the holidays. You should choose a color that is in harmony with the wall color in your kitchen. The holidays are the perfect time to paint your cabinets. White cabinets look great in a small kitchen. If you have a neutral wall color, you can choose a bold color. Consider painting your cabinets in a complementary color to an accent wall. For those cabinets, it's easy to find a festive complementary color that you'll enjoy long-term.

  3. Family and Guest Rooms - The family room and guest rooms are other rooms you should consider painting. You can paint the accent wall in the guest bedroom to add a warm and inviting touch if your family members are staying for a night or two. Choose oranges, reds, greens, or yellows.

  4. Accent Walls - Paint an accent wall if you have limited time and don't want your budget to spiral out of control. The holidays are a great time to add color to one wall in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Are You Looking For A Professional Painter?

Our goal at Allbright 1-800 Painting is to spread painting happiness. What could be better during this time of year? So, whether you have a defined project that you simply need professional help with, or have a more vague idea that your home just needs something new, we can help!