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How to Dispose of Extra House Paint

How to Dispose of Extra House Paint

Whether you’ve recently completed a DIY painting project or one of our experts just left after the final coat, you’ll likely have some leftover paint sitting around. Most home and business owners are often in a quandary as to how to store fresh paint and how to dispose of old paint that is no longer useable.

Storing Used Paint

The life of fresh paint can be extended by storing it correctly. Paint should be stored in a dry location where temperatures are above freezing and relatively stable. Check on the label of the paint you have to see the manufacturer’s recommendations for storage temperature. A garage may seem like a logical choice, but if the temperature fluctuates greatly throughout the year, an interior room would be a better option.

Avoid storing paint cans directly on cement floors as the bottom of the can will rust faster on cement than on other surfaces. Placing cans in a cabinet or on a wooden slab would protect the can and thus, extend the paint’s life.

When you’re ready to store paint after using it, clean around the lid so it can create a tight seal. Then, store the paint can upside down to prevent air from entering the container. When you want to use the paint again, mix it thoroughly, and make sure it can spread smoothly.

Getting Rid of Paint

Based on your history of home projects, you may have a single can of paint or ten taking up space in your house. Most of the paint is old and unusable. Try to use the paint before it becomes unusable (hopefully you’ve put dates noting when the paint was last used).

Excess paint can be used on areas of your home that could use some freshening up, or for a DIY project. You can also offer it to a neighbor, friend, or family member looking to do some painting. Local theatre groups, churches, missions, community centers, and other non-profit groups also accept donations of paint.

If your paint has become old and is no longer useable, contact your local solid waste management district to properly dispose of the paint. Do not dispose of your paint through regular trash or recycling collections.

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