4 Tips for Choosing Your Accent Wall

Are you thinking about painting an accent wall? They’re very popular, and for good reason. It’s a fun way to provide a splash of creativity and color in your room of choice, making a strong stylistic statement.

There are a lot of factors to consider as you decide on a color, but today we’re going to assume that you have the paint can in hand and are ready to get rolling (literally!). And, while it might seem that color is the most important decision to make, placement is just as important… Maybe even a little more!

The question now becomes: which wall should you paint?

Factors To Consider Before Painting Your Accent Wall

  • What do you want to highlight? – Your accent wall isn’t just a featured color; it’s a featured wall that immediately draws attention. If you have a certain architectural element, or even piece of furniture, that you want to highlight, you can paint your color around/behind it. Think of it as being like underlining important text when you’re writing a note just to make sure it isn’t missed!
  • What do you want to minimize? – If there is a feature you’d like to draw attention away from, you can purposefully paint your accent color elsewhere. There’s a lot of power and strategy behind quality interior painting!
  • Will anything block your wall? – It can be disappointing to paint your beautiful new color, only to have it be covered later by bulky furniture or drapes. If possible, pick a wall that can be at least mostly unobscured.
  • Color theory – Color theory tells us that different colors, and combinations of colors, have a unique visual impact. Take a look at this helpful article for an exploration of how you can put color theory work to work for you, making walls feel longer, shorter, closer, and even farther away.

Are You Looking For Help With Your Interior Painting Project?

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