Best Paint Colors for Students – Yes, It Makes a Big Difference!

Have you ever heard of color psychology? It’s an amazing topic that deals with how colors interact with our brains in different ways, sometimes relaxing us, energizing us, making us feel uneasy, and the list goes on…

This takes strategic interior painting to a whole new level!

So, with that in mind, why not pick paint colors that will inspire focus and creativity, giving your child a little boost during this school year? As an added benefit, who doesn’t love updating the color in their bedroom or study area? It’s fun!

We’ll keep the academic part between us.

Picking The Best Color For Your Child’s Learning Needs And Style

As students, we all function differently; it’s part of our amazing individuality! Because of that, no one color fits everybody’s unique needs and learning style. To make the right choice you truly need to know your child, and know what their needs are as a learner. Do they need encouragement? Help getting motivated and energetic? Help to calm down a little so they can focus?

  • Blue – This is a wonderful option for creating a calm, studious atmosphere that encourages focus and idea generation. It can be very relaxing, though, so introducing accent colors that are more energetic is worth considering.
  • Yellow – This is a color that promotes creativity, and certainly has more energy than blue.
  • Green – Is your child quick to get exasperated or overwhelmed while doing homework? Green is a natural color, and has a strong calming effect.
  • Red – This is a high-energy choice, and is best used as an accent so that it doesn’t become overbearing. It does, however, help us perform very detailed-oriented tasks well.

Bonus Tip:

For every color there are a host of shades and levels of saturation to pick from. Bright, vivid tones will have the greatest impact, but more muted, softer shades will be less potent.

Can We Help With Your Interior Painting Needs?

The Allbright 1-800-Painting team is ready to serve you however we can, from color selection to the final, carefully-applied coat. After all, “painting happiness” is our passion, and we would love to help brighten your child’s day!