Climbing a Ladder? Keep These 6 Ladder Safety Tips in Mind!

Ladders are a simple, valuable tool, helping you to reach those loftier points on your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners start climbing skyward without really understanding just how much potential danger there is, or how to cut down on the risk factors.

As a professional painting company, we know firsthand how crucial ladder safety and awareness is. Safe practices and training are totally ingrained in our team through ongoing professional development.

Whether you’re getting a frisbee off the roof, touching up exterior paint, or cleaning debris out of your gutters, we hope you’ll keep these basic safety tips in mind!

How Can You Stay Safe On A Ladder?

  • Check Your Ladder – Simple, but important. Especially if your ladder was borrowed from a buddy, you just don’t know if there’s a point of damage or decay that will make your ascent a dangerous one.
  • Focus On Stability – Don’t get too comfortable and begin taking risks. Remember to keep your shoulders within the width of the rails as you move up and down and perform your work. Saving time by stretching out too far is never worth it.
  • Wear the Right Shoes – Shoes with grippy, rubber soles are best. Working in flip-flops may feel comfortable when the breeze blows, but it’ll suddenly seem like a bad idea when you start to slip.
  • Keep On Solid Ground – Uneven or unstable terrain is your enemy!
  • Avoid Power Lines – Not many homeowners realize that working on a metal ladder by power lines opens you up to the risk of arcing electricity. Avoiding contact doesn’t guarantee safety.
  • Is Your Ladder Tall Enough? – To maintain optimum stability, it’s important that your ladder is at least three feet taller than the highest point at which you’ll be working.

Finally, Know Your Limits – Calling A Professional Painter, Roofer, Or Other Home Improvement Expert Is Worthwhile

Being an ambitious do-it-yourselfer can be fun and rewarding, but it shouldn’t be a goal at the expense of your safety. If you don’t have the proper skills, training, or equipment, relatively simple home improvement projects can pose a real risk.

Never be afraid to call a pro!