Being a Part of a National Trade Association

Today I was reminded why it’s important to belong to a trade association when I received the newly revised National PDCA Trade Association logo. The words associated with the logo is what really caused me to write this blog. Ethics. Education. Excellence.

When I first joined the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) many years ago, I remember hoping to get a little education on new paint products and tools at the national trade show and maybe a couple of contracting and business tips from the association. I was very much surprised and rather glad that there was also a code of ethics being taught as well. Since becoming a member, I have met some of the most respected painting contractors in America and some whom I would now consider among my best friends. The generation before me was there, leading and teaching us young guys about what it took to be leaders in the industry, how they ran their businesses, and what they know and how not to make some of the mistakes they’ve made. Today I am truly grateful now being invited to lead and teach the members, some 20 years later. Giving back to the trade that first gave to me is why I do it.

Consider hiring professionals who belong and are involved with their trade associations. You just might find a contractor who places a high value on Ethics. Education. Excellence.

Try to Find A Painter for a local member in your area.


Joshua Abramson