Invited to Talk About Paint and Color at Farrow Ball Paint Store on Melrose

Earlier this month, ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING 1-800-PAINTING was invited to speak to a group of professionals on such topics as:

  1. Painting near the ocean
  2. What to look for in within a written estiamte
  3. The Painting Curve – How to save money
  4. EPA Lead Laws
  5. How Color can Affect Your Mood

Farrow & Ball is a high-end paint store located at 8475 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA that delivers unsurpassed quality along with the most beautiful color palette.  They use natural pigments instead of synthetic ones to gain a deep and rich color that is known as the Farrow & Ball look. The group of professionals that we were invited to speak to is called D.E.M.A. (Domestic Estate Managers Association). These are people who manage large estates for the rich and famous, who come to learn from each other and others on best practices to care and maintain of the estates they manage.

During our talk on Color we invited our Colorist Philippa Radon to speak about how color can change your mood. Afterwards, many of the D.E.M.A. members came up to us and said they could listen to us speak for hours.

Thank you Farrow & Ball and D.E.M.A. for the opportunity!