How Long Does Exterior Paint Last in LA?

There are a lot of fantastic questions that circle around the topic of exterior painting. What color should I choose? Which brand is best (unfortunately they all claim to be the best which isn’t entirely helpful)? Do I need to use a primer? What in the world is a primer? And the list goes on…

One of the most common questions we’re asked by clients is how long they can expect their exterior paint to last. Let’s dig into that topic today, and we’ll touch on how to set your paint up for a long and happy life as well.

How Many Years Does Exterior Paint Last?

The short answer is that there is no clearly-defined, by-the-book, universal answer. There are just too many factors at play to nail it down that definitively.

On average, however, you can expect a good quality exterior paint to last in the ballpark of seven years.

What Can You Do To Make Your Exterior Paint Last Longer?

Here are a few considerations:

  • Quality Paint – Cheaper is not always better! The ingredients in high-quality paint are simply superior and have less solvent (filler). The finish will be brighter, more durable, and the color more vibrant.
  • Choose a Quality Painter – Finding a professional who truly cares about their work and your home should be a top priority. Just like with your paint selection, your final choice shouldn’t be based on price alone. This is primarily because a true professional will apply a paint job that lasts longer, paying you back on your initial investment in quality.
  • Know What You’re Dealing With – There are two primary varieties of paint that you will encounter: oil-based and latex (water-based). Switching from one to the other without employing the proper techniques can result in product failure (watching your paint peel is never fun!).
  • Surface Preparation – Talk to your painter and ask what kind of prep is included in the quote they provide, and what repairs/work may be needed to make sure that the surface is ready for paint. This is an absolutely essential aspect of the home painting process.

Bonus Tip:

Beginning maintenance painting 1-2 years after the application of your new paint is the best way to boost the lifespan of your entire paint job. For more about that, take a look at this recent article: Consider Saving Money On Painting Your Exterior Now, Or Spend a Lot More Later!

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