High-Reach Commercial Painting – for All Those Hard-To-Reach Places!

We’re always hunting for new and improved ways to meet the needs of our clients. Or, in this case, reach their needs.

While our residential painting work throughout Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, San Fernando, and Ventura County can be accomplished with our more traditional tools and methods, we realized that we had a unique opportunity to better serve local commercial property owners and managers.

How? We’re glad you asked!

Taller buildings and more expansive interior spaces naturally call for high-reach painting capabilities. We invested in a versatile, invaluable lift that can stretch our painters 60 feet into the air while still being able to fit through a standard, single door. Incredible, isn’t it?

And, as you may have guessed, our team affectionately named it the Red Dragon.

How Does Our Lift Benefit Our Commercial Clients?

Here are just a few of the reasons why the Red Dragon is a key member of our team:

  • Cost Savings – Many painting companies need to rent equipment like this, adding a layer of complexity and expense to commercial painting projects.
  • Our Team Is Fully Trained! – In addition to renting this kind of equipment, other painting companies then face the issue of not being properly trained in its use. The Painting Happiness team has been thoroughly prepared and trained on how to fly this particular dragon.
  • No Need for Scaffolding – Up, up, and away! Our lift is ready to send us where we need to be.
  • Interior Painting? No Problem! – As we mentioned, the Red Dragon can fit through a single, standard door. This means that we can use it in a variety of interior spaces, adding a unique level of efficiency to your project.

What Kind Of Interior Spaces Can We Paint With Our Lift?

And yes, we’re happy to change those lofty lightbulbs for you while we’re up there!

Can We Answer Your Commercial Painting Questions?

Your ALLBRiGHT team is here to help, and we welcome any and all questions you might have.