5 Tips for Touching up Interior Paint in L.A.

Let’s paint a scenario (no pun intended). Have you ever been walking through your house, maybe first thing in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee in your hand, and felt like it was going to be a good day? Maybe you were ahead of schedule, had a few minutes to burn before work, so you decided to kick back and watch the news. As you hung a left into the living room you suddenly noticed a mark on your wall. You walked over, still feeling optimistic, and tried to brush it away (it could be dust, right?). It didn’t move, so you licked your thumb and tried to rub it off.

No luck.

It was definitely and undeniably a scratch. And maybe you just painted the room too!

The truth is, life happens. Everything from the occasional flying toy, to bumped piece of furniture, to shuffling pictures around on your walls can leave dings, scratches, and gouges in your interior paint. So, what do you do?

How Do You Touch Up And Blend Interior Paint?

Here are a few steps to help walk you through the process:

  • Wash the scratch – This will remove any dust or debris that could get trapped under the touch-up paint, helping to keep your finished product smooth and even.
  • Use as little paint as possible – While good coverage is important, it’s still worthwhile to use a light hand. For tiny areas, try using a thin-tipped artist’s brush rather than a paint brush. This will help to cut down on how noticeable the repair is.
  • Paint from break to break – If you are worried about how well your touch-up paint is going to match the surrounding area, try painting from break to break. This is a term used for working between two points that will hide the transition from new to old paint. This could, for example, include the space between pieces of trim, from a wall corner to a door frame, or from a cabinet down to the floor. It keeps you from needing to paint an entire wall.
  • Test your color – If you don’t have the benefit of being able to use leftover materials and instead need to color-match, be sure to try a small sample first before applying it to a larger portion of your wall. To put the drying process in fast forward, use a hair dryer.

Do You Need A Professional Painting Company?

If your walls could use a fresh coat of painting happiness, inside or out, why not contact us at Allbright 1-800-Painting? We would love to talk with you about your project!