Two Coats for the Rainy Season

Do you have one coat or two coats this rainy season? Today’s rainstorm reminded us that it’s always best to have two coats. Isn’t it nice when you have a second coat to choose from inside your closet? When you invest in two nice winter coats you get durability, a great look, and chances are they will last a lot longer than that little sweater you have hanging in your closet which is starting to look a bit worn out after just one wash. “Why is ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING giving me fashion tips in this week’s blog?” Well, it turns out you are not the only one who needs two coats this winter, your walls might need them too.

One coat of paint may get the job done in the short term providing color change and increased durability, but it doesn’t offer full coverage. One coat is simply not enough to offer full-color coverage especially if you painted a lighter color over a darker base color. Applying two coats would be the best option to achieve full-color coverage without altering your original color choice.

An additional coat of paint might cost you a little more but it could actually save you a lot of time and money. Two coats of paint allow for the surface to be cleaned much more easily without having to worry about paint seeping through permeable surfaces. It will also provide durability and protection against those accidental nicks and bumps, saving you money on future touch-ups.

Two coats of paint will not only guarantee even distribution of paint and last longer but they will also leave your surfaces looking ALLBRIGHT!

We might not be able to give you many tips for picking out the most fashionable winter coat, but when it comes to paint and paint colors, we’ve got you covered!