Prep and Painting With Pets Around

We get so busy with the hustle and bustle of prepping our homes to get painted that we often forget about our four-legged family members. ALLBRIGHT understands how special these furry family members are and we would like to share some special tips for painting with pets.

Choosing the Type of Paint

When deciding on which type of paint to use we recommend looking for eco –friendly and non-toxic products. They will be the best choice for your children, pets, and the environment. Look for products that are low or have no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These types of paints are less toxic to the environment and do not release a strong paint smell which could be harmful to your family and pets.

For eco-friendly and low or no VOC paint options, check out this list from “Remodelista.”

On the Day of Your Project

When the day of your project arrives, make sure your pets are in a secured area away from all the paint, tools, and chemicals. Keep them entertained with their favorite toys, and have plenty of food and water available for them while they are kept away from the action. If you will not be able to keep an eye on your pet, another option to consider is to look into a local doggie daycare, or maybe even take this time to get them groomed for the day. This is especially a good option when painters will be coming in and out of your home and curious pets could possibly sneak out without anyone noticing. They may also get startled with loud machinery or unfamiliar noises and try to escape. If your pet will be home on the day of your project, let your crew leader know there will be a pet in the house so they may take the proper safety precautions for both their crew and your pet.

Clean Up

Even when the crews have left for the day, keep your pets away from the freshly applied paint and from the area where all the tools and supplies are being stored. Once the project is complete and the paint has dried, you may enjoy your newly painted home with your pets safely by your side.