What Color Should I Paint My Home’s Exterior?

When choosing colors for your home exterior, there is not a single “right way” to do it (though there are undoubtedly some wrong ones!). As an exterior house painter,  ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING is happy to provide a few tips on how to choose colors for your house. Just remember, in the end, it’s not about what the experts say—it’s your house; choose what you like!

One of the best ways to begin is to just start looking around at other people’s home exterior as you drive around. Keep your eyes open for ideas that you like; use your cell phone to take pictures of ones that stand out to you, so you can remember. Pay special attention to other homes in your area. You don’t need to do the same thing that they do, but you don’t want to clash either. Also, take note of homes that are built in a similar style to yours. Houses that are constructed in the same architectural style usually have certain colors and designs that tend to look good on them.

Another way to choose exterior house colors is to use online photo sites, like Pinterest or Houzz. Houzz is an especially effective source of ideas, since you can search through the photos very efficiently, and everything on the site is especially for home design. As you see ideas you like, you can create a collection of your favorites.

Here in the Los Angeles area, the most common colors are shades of brown, gray, and tan. These neutrals are a safe choice (though not very creative), looking good on just about any home. If you stay with these classic tones, the way to distinguish your home is by creative and careful use of bold accents. If you walls are a lighter color (and they probably should be), then go with darker colors for the trim. Again, the typical choice is to go with darker neutrals: gray, blue-gray, khaki, brown, and so on.

Feel free to diverge from these classics, and you will really draw attention to your home exterior!

The place to really be distinguished is on the minor details, like your front door, or the window shutters if your home has them. One common rule of thumb for color design is 60-30-10. That means that 60% of your home is one dominant color, 30% is a complimenting color, and 10% is a standout accent. Your front door is the best place for a rich blue, a deep red, or another pop of color.

When you choose your exterior painting contractor, they can also help you with your color choices. For example, we here at  ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING offer a professional color consultation service, so that you can exchange ideas with an expert, and end up with a color scheme that makes your home the envy of the neighborhood!

For more advice on choosing colors for your home exterior, or to get a free estimate for exterior painting services in the Los Angeles area, contact ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING Painting today!