Whiteboard Paint in Offices


There are a million (or so) colors you can choose from for your interior painting, but one thing that most paints can’t do is change every day. Whiteboard paint, however, offers you the opportunity of painting an interior wall so that it can change daily, hourly even, and be a place for creativity, organization and collaboration. Whether you are looking at painting your home or office, whiteboard paint is a fantastic way to break the monotony!

Whiteboard Paint in Homes

How many times have you been on the phone and you just couldn’t find a pencil and paper? Or you wrote an important note for a family member, and it fell to the floor unnoticed? A whiteboard wall is a great solution for this. Create a family noticeboard right on the wall, with a cup of markers underneath, so your important numbers, notes, and reminders can be written and seen by all. Whiteboard paint is also a great idea for kids’ rooms; provide an artistic canvas for children, so that they can play tic-tac-toe and draw lovely landscapes to their hearts’ content, without doing any damage to the room.

A whiteboard wall does not need to actually cover the whole wall. Using a few pieces of trim, a simple frame can be constructed so that only a tiny portion of the wall becomes a whiteboard.

Whiteboard Paint in Offices

Memos, ideas, diagrams… there are a thousand ways to use whiteboard paint to good advantage in an office.

  • create a whole idea wall, where team brainstorming or large-scale planning can have free rein!
  • create a message board, where memos and reminders can be posted
  • create a doodle wall, where employees can express some creativity on break times

Unleash Your Creativity!

Whether large or small, personal or official, a whiteboard wall is a great way to get information expressed and communicated. It can also have magnetic paint behind it, further increasing the usefulness of this already versatile surface.

As a commercial and residential painting contractor, ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING painting is an excellent choice for installing your whiteboard paint, at home or in the office. We can help you refine your ideas and produce a work or social area that is both attractive and functional. Based in Valencia, we serve the Santa Clarita Valley and the whole Los Angeles area.

Photos are from IdeaPaint, a leading manufacturer of whiteboard paint.