Venetian Plaster on Groin Vaulted Ceilings at a Beverly Park Estate

Today we are working on a beautiful 25,000 square feet home located in the exclusive area of theĀ Beverly Park Estates. There are several (12 to be exact) groin-vaulted (arched) ceilings that we are applying a Venetian plaster called Stucco Lamundo. This unique plaster material is made of natural minerals liked slaked lime and pigmented with natural products. This very refined look is usually found in elegant interiors like historical palaces, noble castles, and beautiful villas. To apply this Venetian plaster, we first prime with a product calledĀ Meoded Quartz. Next, we apply a thin, even layer of Stucco Lamundo with a stainless steel trowel. The second layer of plaster is applied in patches to reach the correct texture. We apply this several times while lightly sanding and burnishing in between coats. Lastly, we apply a coat of wax to add a brilliant shine that is aesthetically pleasing and also protective. Our client just loves it. – Expect Brilliance!