We Are Passionate About

We are passionate about three things here at ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING. “We make it Easy, Safe & Long-Lasting.” I want to explain what each term means and how they relate to both our painting services (and paint).

Under our painting services:

  1. EASY – We make it easy for a client to choose the perfect colors for their home using our experts in colors and the exclusive tools we have – The Allbright Personalized Color-Choice Program and our uniquely beautiful color line “The Allbright Collection.”
  2. SAFE – Not only do we practice strict safety procedures to ensure safety while working in someone’s home, but we also make it safe for the homeowner who cares about the character of the men who will be working in and around their home.  We have a strict (& slow) hiring process that involves drug testing and background checks.  
  3. LONG-LASTING – Combined with our revolutionary paint and our highly-skilled accredited craftsmen’s prep work (very important), we can offer a long-lasting paint job for years to come that’s backed by one of Santa Clarita Valley’s best warranties.
  1. EASY – We make it easy:  literally “we make it” and that’s what makes it easy for a customer to come in and get exactly what they need.  We don’t make it until they order it.  
  2. SAFE – We make an eco-friendly (environmentally safe) paint that is safe for butterflies and all other living creatures.
  3. LONG-LASTING – Our revolutionary paint is enhanced with the science (and chemical makeup) of DuPont TM and is backed by a ten-year warranty.  Our ultra-premium paint has one of the highest solids around (that’s the good stuff), which makes the paint last the longest.