Color Apps for the Ipad and iPhone, Reviewed by ALLBRiGHT

My review on a new color app in the Apple store.  I came across a neat little app on my iPad this morning, called Color Uncovered.  It was created by the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California and it’s FREE.  This app helps take some of the mystery out of color and why it does what it does.  So many times we don’t understand why the color does what it does and we are baffled at how we can think we like one color on a small paint chip to only find out we hate it once it is on all four walls.

Color Uncovered features a wide spectrum of cool color-related topics to explore.  Learn when is yellow yellower than yellow.  Other fun facts about why friends don’t let men buy bananas and don’t let dogs drive. This is really fun and interactive app that allows you to learn while discovering new things through the science of color.

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