When Is the Best Time to Paint Your Home?

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A question that is often asked by California homeowners is, “When is the best time of year to paint my home?” The answer depends on several factors, the most important one being whether it is the inside or the outside of one’s home that needs painting. If you happen to not be from California, have not lived here long, or just curious, we hope to shed a little light on this inquiry. We’ll also briefly explain a few benefits as to why you should paint your home.
The best time of year to paint the interior of your home in California is easy: anytime! However, there may be a few benefits to waiting for the winter or rainy months because paint contractors like to keep busy year-round. Sometimes you can find extra savings by waiting till right after Christmas, which is typically the slowest season for most of us in the construction field.

The best time for exterior painting is right now! That’s right, when it is hot and sunny and we have little rain, painters love working outside! The greater Los Angeles area is typically blessed with good weather year-round. Therefore, if the summer months do not work for you, painting the exterior can be done just about any month of the year. As long as there is no rain in the forecast, your exterior can be painted.

Now, one of the best reasons to get your home painted, inside or out, sooner rather than later is quite simple: painting adds substantial value to your home. One recent report we read on home values said that painting the exterior of your home could have an average return on investment of 142%. When the stock market and economy is still so uncertain, people around the country are starting to invest more time and money into their home.

Please remember this final tip: a little bit of careful and ongoing maintenance to your home will only increase the value of your home and do little harm to your pocket book. In other words, if you keep up on the appearance of your home, there will be no need for costly repairs in the future. ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING professional paint and painting company can provide the necessary services to keep your home in top-notch shape and help you save money in the long run.