Paint It SMART Summer Apprenticeship Program

We are looking for a few motivated high school or college students that want to get paid to learn a marketable skill. Paint It SMART consists of many different aspects of learning the painting trade and provides apprentices with the experience and training needed for future employment.

Training opportunities include:

  • Going on an interview
  • Hiring process (including drug and background test)
  • Orientation
  • Classroom & safety training
  • Reading manuals and books
  • Learning craftsmen operating procedures
  • Hands-on experience and team work

This program was developed by ALLBRiGHT 661-464-0771 President Josh Abramson who understands how hard it can be find a successful career path without a mentor to guide you.

Teaching leadership through helping others is part of the culture at ALLBRiGHT 661-464-0771 Our more experienced craftsmen have been training younger painters through our “green” book, which consists of written-out procedures of how to do things the “ALLBRiGHT” way. Part of our company’s mission statement is that ALLBRiGHT will always seek the betterment (improvement) of:

  • Our customers
  • Our employees
  • Our community
  • Our trade

At the conclusion of the Paint It SMART summer program, the company and the students will be painting the interior/exterior of a building as a volunteer project.

In addition, each apprentice will receive a certificate of completion, showing that they have been trained to learn the skills necessary for the painting trade. Paint It Smart was created to help graduates gain employment with a variety of companies and quite possibly ALLBRiGHT 661-464-0771.

To apply for the Paint It Smart internship program, please use the contact form below. To learn more about the program, read an interview with our 2016 Paint It Smart graduate Eddie Morales. Please visit our Careers Page for more information on full-time positions.

Call (661) 464-0771 or contact us online to learn more about our Paint It SMART program.

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