10 Tips for Preparing Your Home for El NIño in the Greater La Area

Weather forecasters say El Niño could peak in the next 30 days and maybe stronger than any seen since the 1950s. Along with the heavy rain, winds are expected to gust upwards of 90 miles per hour.

One area that is often overlooked is what your insurance policy covers. Some insurance policies have specific coverage that states they will not cover interior water damage if your roof and/or windows leak. The roof must first suffer wind damage where the wind has physically blown off the roof materials and created an opening, allowing the water to enter the interior of your home or business before the insurance company will consider paying for these damages. Many policies also have mold exclusions and/or low limits on mold remediation. Lack of maintenance is excluded from almost all insurance policies.

Flood damage and/or rising water which then enters your home is another area that your typical insurance policy does not pay for. You may want to consider purchasing a flood insurance policy, but please note that once secured most policies have a 30-day waiting period before they go into effect.

While making sure that you understand your insurance coverage is important, there are other practical maintenance steps you can take to prepare and protect your home or business.

​10 Tips To Prepare For El Niño

  • Fix and caulk your windows, exterior walls, seal and paint exterior.
  • Inspect and clean your roof and rain gutters.
  • Inspect and clean the drainage system on your property to make sure that any heavy rain flows keep moving.
  • Pick up materials that may wash into storm drain inlets or gutters.
  • Check your storm drains and landscape drainage.
  • Prepare an emergency supply box that is easily accessible.
  • In a dry location, assemble sandbags, plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber and other emergency building materials for waterproofing and quick, stop-gap repairs. 
  • Trim any tree branches that appear insecure or are hanging heavily over structures.
  • Add compost and mulch to your garden beds and plant any winter vegetables on mounds with a slight curvature. 
  • Review your insurance policy and consider purchasing flood insurance

If you suffer any storm damage, please don’t hesitate to call ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING. We work closely with one of the country’s leading insurance experts that understands your insurance policy and will get you the benefits you are entitled to.