Could Neutral Interior Paint Colors Be in Your Future?

We may only be just turning the corner into October, but the painting world is already buzzing with anticipated color trends for 2017. This is a fun conversation to take part in for multiple reasons (hey, we love painting!), but particularly because we can relay a little inspiration to you.

So, which interior colors are stepping into the limelight?

Neutral Interior Paint Colors Are Still King! And One In Particular Is Standing Out…

Paint manufacturers are watching the trends and gearing up for another banner year for neutrals. As an example, Sherwin Williams has crowned their Poised Taupe as Color of the Year for 2017.

Here’s a little promotional snapshot to show you what we’re talking about:

Why Neutral Interior Paint?

This thoughtful article from HGTV suggests a unique theory: our love of neutrals comes from a search for calming colors in light of all the upheaval in the world. We’ve always believed in the power of Painting Happiness, so this concept makes sense to us. You can paint your own little haven, making it just as you like it.

While all of the above is true, here are a few more reasons behind the prevailing trendiness of friendly neutrals:

  • Accent Walls Are Welcome – Neutral colors may be calm and quiet, but they get along just beautifully with eye-catching accents. Let your creativity (and boldness) shine through with a more vibrant wall or two.
  • Plays Well with Others – Do you have a wildly-patterned, bright rug that you absolutely love? How about a piece of artwork that is tough to coordinate with surrounding colors? Neutral interior paint is totally fine with playing a supporting role without clashing.
  • Makes a Space Feel Happy and Bright – Dark colors swallow light, but lighter ones bounce it around the room. This, in turn, creates a much cheerier vibe.

Never Forgot The Power Of Well-Chosen Interior Paint For Your Home

Paint is powerful; that’s just one of the many reasons why we love it so much. For more inspiration, tips, and ideas about how to make your own vision come to life, be sure to align yourself with a local painting company who takes the time to understand your goals.

To get you started, take a look at these tips for finding a truly professional painter!