Choosing Colors for Your Home Office

If you have come to know us at Allbright 1-800-Painting even a little, you know that we are all about painting happiness. This comes from our belief that your world gets a little brighter with a fresh coat of color!

With that in mind, let’s talk about home offices. Sure, it’s a place for work, correspondence, maybe a little procrastination (we all do it!), but it’s also a place where you want to feel comfortable every time you take a seat in your office chair. The colors you choose to surround yourself with have a bigger impact than you might think, and either work for or against that level of comfort and productivity that you are looking for.

Color Psychology And Making Your Interior Paint Work For You!

Without getting too technical, color psychology is the fascinating concept that colors interact with your brain in different ways (sometimes totally subconsciously), eliciting a variety of different responses. Have you ever, for example, walked into a store and felt suddenly calm or relaxed? How about the opposite? You step one foot through those sliding doors and you can feel your blood pressure start to climb. That, to a large degree, is color psychology in action.

Here is a basic overview of different colors/families of color and the response they can trigger:

  • Red – Intensity! Red kicks not only the brain into gear, but even has been shown to raise heart-rates! Because of this, why not use it as an accent color? After all, a little intensity is good, but too much can wear you down.
  • White – While too much white is boring, it can be used strategically. White absorbs and reflects light, while also creating an illusion of more space than is actually there, so why not use it in darker and more confined areas?
  • Orange and Yellow – These particular colors tend to elicit a lot of enthusiasm, but also shouldn’t be overbearing.
  • Natural Colors – The deeper, calming nature of earthier tones can be a great compliment to the primary colors. They also tend to tone down their effect.
  • Green – Like the natural colors, green is very calming and reminiscent of nature.
  • Brown – Strong, conventional, and peaceful, but also sometimes can cause you to feel isolated.

Take the time to find those colors that are most relaxing and try them in your office. Or, if you need some intensity and a creative jolt, add more vibrant colors. Play around and see what works for you; that’s the fun of strategic painting.

Can We Help?

We offer color consulting services with the express goal of making sure your paint is exactly right for you, and leaves you happy. If you have questions about any of our painting services, we hope you’ll reach out to us! It would be our pleasure to help.