Painting and Wallpapering in Maui 1997

This picture of my handwritten note was just sent to me by the new homeowner (who is remodeling this home in Maui) that was previously owned by a past client of ours. Our client had sent us (me and a couple of my guys) to paint and wallpaper several homes in Maui back in 1997. I had forgotten I had written this note until the new owner found it underneath the wallpaper they were removing. They took a picture of it, searched us out and sent it to us. I so glad they did.

I’ve included a couple of pictures here that tel the story a little more. My wife Debbie and Kirk’s girlfriend Susan came out to visit us for a few days. The other person in one of the pictures is Mario. My first employee who also came out to Maui to help finish the project.

What fun that was!