Does It Cost More to Hire the Cheap Painter?

Your hear it in the back of your head when comparing two to three bids and one of them is a third or even half the cost of the other two.  You know that little voice that says “oh boy, this is a really good deal – how can they do it so much cheaper than the other guys?”  That’s a question we all face from time to time.  In fact earlier this week, we were hired to help a new client who was very upset because they hired a painter who was cheaper than the other guys.  At first, they were excited about their good fortune and how they were going to save all this money on painting their cabinets. Everything sounded great, and were assured they were going to receive the same quality service that the others were going to provide for a higher price. Too good to be true? Most likely.  

Smart Tip:

It’s always good to remember that if a bid is a lot less, there are usually reasons for that. Sometimes it’s because the painter is paying cash under the table to his employee so he does not have to pay employment taxes or workers comp insurance.  You have to ask yourself, do I want these type of people in and around my home when there is no real safe hiring practices by this lowest-priced company?  Other times, it could simply be because there may be some steps skipped in the preparation and paint process, which is what brings us back to our customers with the good fortune of hiring the cheap painter.


As you will see in this short one-minute video of how important it is to hire a professional and trustworthy contractor with the right price (not cheapest).  They usually have all the preparation steps and company standards you’d expect included with their fair price.  Even though we all might be tempted by the low cost, just beware! It could possibly cost you thousands more to fix it.