What Color Should I Paint My Trim?

Professionally Painted Living Room With White Walls and Dark Trim

What Color Should You Paint Your Trim?

Choosing paint colors can be a daunting task. Many people postpone painting their home interior because they feel anxious about choosing just the right color. Not only do people wonder “what color should I paint my walls?” but the job is made even more complex by also needing to choose a color for the trim.

The type and color of trim can make a dramatic difference in the feel of a room or space. A change in trim can set the tone of the room as modern or classic, cozy or dramatic. When selecting what color to paint your trim, it is best to first decide what impression you want the room to convey.

The overall look or feel that you are going for can help you choose what color trim will work best. Here are a few tips on how trim colors can affect the feel of a room.

Darker Trim

Choosing a dark color for your trim is an increasingly popular option. When used with white, light blue, aqua, or green walls, dark trim can create a modern look. Depending on the room décor, dark trim can be paired with rich warm colors to create an old-world feel.

What Are the Most Common Colors Used for Dark Trim?

Some popular choices are a dark shade of the color used on the wall, dark brown, or black. Dark trim adds depth to the room and definition to doors and windows.

Lighter Trim

For a more traditional look, choose a light trim color. Various shades of white are considered by many to be the perfect color for any trim. White trim brightens a room and brings out the beauty of the wall color. White trim can also help a room to feel crisp and clean.

The Importance of Choosing the Same Color Tone

Whether you choose lighter or darker trim (or trim that is the same as the wall color), you will want to have the tone of your trim match the tone of your walls. For walls with cool colors, choose cool-color trims; and warm-colored walls with warm trim.

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