House Painting Using Metallic Paint

Some of the most challenging kinds of paint to work with are those with metallic finishes. This is illustrated by a residential painting project we completed on an upscale home in West Lake, CA. We used Modern Masters Metallic Paint for this job, providing a deep, vibrant color to this home. The color is Copper ME195.

The issue that makes metallic paint very difficult is the way it reflects light. This highlights any flaws in the surface underneath, so the preparation work is very extensive. The surface must be patched and repaired to an absolutely flawless plane in order to look good with metallic paint. Often, a full skim-coating is necessary.

After the initial patching and sanding, a primer is applied, which allows the painter to see the tiny flaws that still remained but were impossible to see or feel. Additional spackling and sanding follows, until the surface is smooth as glass.

Finally comes the paint application stage. Rolling on a metallic paint is almost never successful. It always seems to cause roller-overlap lines, which ruin the visual effect of the paint. Spraying a metallic paint is really the best and only way to achieve the desired look. We used a pressure pot sprayer and gun, which gives a nice finish and no lines.

In summary, if you’re going to attempt a metallic finish, here is what to keep in mind:

  • Perfect surface preparation
  • Pot sprayer
  • Specific pressure setting recommended by Modern Masters.

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