ALLBRiGHT Paints ST. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Santa Clarita

It’s not a large job, but anything we can do to help a church protect and preserve their property and buildings is a welcome thing for all of us at ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING. We love to do this type of commercial work with churches because we get to work with genuinely nice people that are involved in helping others. In this case, we are simply repainting the exterior of a small storage building that the church is getting ready to use to make more room for their Preschool equipment and supplies. The building is in pretty bad shape, and along with a new roof, it needed a good paint job.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church is located in Valencia in the Santa Clarita Valley, our home town. They also run a preschool out of the facility. Along with a good, quality job, they wanted a good price (we came in a couple hundred less than their other bids) and they wanted to work with a professional company that would get the job done on time and with employees that can be trusted. They only have a short window between when the Preschool lets out for the school year and summer camp starts, so starting and finishing on time is important. They also said that we were awarded the bid because there was plenty of attention to detail in the proposal and they were very clear as to exactly what they were getting for their money. We are scheduled to start the work the week of June 13th and we are looking forward to getting it done for them!