Create Elegant Walls With a Venetian Plaster Finish

The basic white wall is a thing of the past. Many home and business owners are choosing rich color to highlight a room or office. But another possibility to consider is the use of faux finishing or Venetian plastering to give an eye-catching effect within the room. Venetian plaster finishes can create an “old world” elegance, especially in a room with interesting artwork, antiques or unique furniture. The techniques used by professional painters may vary. Venetian plasters come in different finishes, colors and sheens. Some plaster application techniques can produce a porous, open-texture, flat in sheen finish that looks like tumbled marble or stone. Other plaster techniques are really smooth, translucent and glossy. Applying Venetian plaster finishes are usually more time consuming than painting, especially when using these techniques on high walls or ceilings. When the plastering is complete and done well, the walls often look as if they have marble on them.

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