Should I Paint My House If I Am Selling?

photo of exterior home

On one hand, it seems a waste to paint your home right before you move out of it. After all, why go to all that trouble and expense if you won’t get to enjoy the benefits? But on the other hand, will painting increase the value of your home so that you can sell it for more? The answer to that question is a clear and resounding YES!

Market studies consistently show that repainting your home produces a 140% return on investment. This means that spending $5,000 on a paint job is likely to increase the selling price of your house by $7,000, which is a profit of $2,000. Not only does it increase your sale price, but it also boosts your likelihood of selling at all. In our current housing market, selling is difficult because buyers are few. Making sure that your home is freshly painted will increase its attractiveness to realtors and buyers.

interior homeSome additional tips for consideration if you are planning to sell your home:

  • Spend the money to do the job well. Since you stand to profit from the investment, pay what it takes to have the highest-quality materials, and hire a contractor who will leave your house in truly spectacular condition.

  • Use neutral colors. Here in the Los Angeles area, many homeowners enjoy neutral tones such as browns, beiges, and varying light shades of green and gray. White is always a great choice for the trim. Even if the colors are not the favorite choices of the prospective buyer, he or she is likely to be impressed by the clean, stylish look, and is unlikely to be turned off.

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