How to Dispose of Extra House Paint

Once the ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING painters have completed your paint project, they will undoubtedly leave some excess paint behind. Most home and business owners are often in a quandary as to how to store fresh paint and how to dispose of old paint that is no longer useable.

The life of fresh paint can be extended with several good storage practices. First, paint should be stored in a dry location where temperatures are above freezing. A garage may seem like a logical choice, but if the temperature fluctuates greatly throughout the year, an interior room would be a better option. A second suggestion is to avoid storing paint cans directly on cement floors as the bottom of the can will rust faster on cement than other surfaces. Placing cans in a cabinet or on a wooden slab would protect the can and thus, extend the paint life. Third, once the painting project is complete, the rim of the can should be cleaned thoroughly before the lid is placed onto the can. Once the lid is firmly secured, store the paint can upside down to prevent air from entering the container. When you are ready to use the paint again, mix it thoroughly, and test to see if it can be spread smoothly.

Many homeowners have an average of three gallons of paint stored in their homes. Most of the paint is old and unusable. Before the paint becomes unusable, homeowners should consider several options. First, excess paint can be used to paint a closet, garage, basement or some other out-of-the-way spot that could use a coat of paint. Or consider offering it to a neighbor or a newly married couple who may be able to paint a bathroom or other small room. Local theatre groups, churches, missions, community centers, and other non-profit groups also accept donations of paint. If your paint has become old and is no longer useable, contact your local solid waste management district to properly dispose of the paint. Do not dispose of your paint through regular trash or recycling collections. For further information, contact the professionals at ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING.