Painting Your Ceilings Something Other Than White

We are all guilty…guilty of neglecting one-fifth of the total paintable space in a room. We spend hours collecting paint samples. We examine the color wheel closely to consider the perfect color for our room makeover. And when our paint professional asks our preference for the ceiling paint, we answer in one word: “White.” But consider, for a moment, the dramatic effect of the room if there was a color contrast, even a subtle contrast, between those beautiful walls and the ceiling. Or, if you are nervous about an “accent wall,” consider using the ceiling to provide the accent for the room.

White walls are a thing of the past. Homeowners carefully consider the perfect shade and hue of a color and examine it as sunlight overtakes a room during the day, but also carefully consider how the color dances in the light of candles at night. Color on the ceiling is the next bold step for the homeowner. Consider the large room, with high ceilings. A darker, complementary color choice next to a lighter wall color creates a more personal living space and allows for a cozier feel to the room. One nice option is to paint the walls in calming ivory or taupe color and to accent by painting the ceiling in rich cocoa.

Alternatively, perhaps the room is small and has a lower ceiling. A lighter ceiling color or a slight color contrast between walls and ceiling creates a nice effect in the room. With such a contrast, your eyes will move upward slightly, giving equal attention to the walls and the ceiling. This contrast also gives the illusion of a higher ceiling. A wall color such as burnt orange, wheat, or ginger, all of which are popular choices for homeowners today, could be nicely complemented by a pale yellow or ivory color for the ceiling.

One additional option is having your paint professional use glazes on the ceiling. A metallic or pearlescent effect can also provide that eye-catching result that will shift your gaze from the walls upward.

Contemplate the possibilities! There is now a fifth surface in your room calling for equal attention. Create illusions and accent all available surfaces with color contrast to complete your room makeover. Ceilings are the new accent wall so look up!