Color Consultant and Designer Philippa Radon Takes on New York City

Other than the love of being in a city that feels and breathes like a ‘real City’, I enjoy the walking. Much like being back in London which is also a ‘walking city’ – there is so much to see that you miss when stuck constantly behind the wheel – which is more an LA lifestyle. The NY architecture, people, markets, storefronts its just an abundance of noise, color, and activity.

But life in the City is hot and humid this time of year, while walking across town to the next job I stumbled upon this scene which had NY kids and adults alike taking the plunge to cool down. It was quite liberating, had I not had a client to visit I might have well joined in. The NY parks and water fountains which dot the City provide great refuge for the locals from all the concrete – and are a lunchtime oasis spot.