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Secrets of The Trade: Choosing the Right Paint Brush

Whether you’re a professional painter or an amateur, finding the perfect brush for your painting project can be difficult. What kind of bristles should you use? How long should the handle be? What are the best techniques for taking care of your brush, so it performs well on every job? Never fear. This blog has the answers to these questions! Let’s dive in and explore what makes a great paintbrush.

Finding the Perfect Paint Brush

The Bristles

First, let’s talk about bristle materials. Natural bristle brushes are best used with oil-based paints because they can hold more of this type of paint than synthetic bristles. Natural bristles also have more flex which helps create a smoother finish. If you’re using latex or acrylic paints, synthetic bristles are your go-to choice since they won’t absorb water like natural bristles.

Additionally, when shopping for natural bristle brushes, ensure they are flagged at the ends, as this will help create smoother finishes without leaving any lines or streaks behind.

Handle Length

The length of your handle is vital as it affects how comfortable you feel and how much control you have over your paint job. Generally speaking, three-inch handles are standard sizes, but longer handles are available. The length you choose depends on the project.

Longer handles can be helpful if you’re working on a project requiring more precision, like trimming or edging. The longer handle gives you more leverage and control over your strokes.

For more extensive surfaces, shorter handles may be better because they require fewer arm movements when painting, and the handle won’t get in the way as you work.

How to Properly Care For Your Paint Brush

Once you find the perfect brush, it’s essential to take good care of it to last through multiple projects without losing its shape.

Wash Your Brush

Washing out your brush after each use is key. Make sure to use warm water for oil-based paints and cold water for latex-based.

Let It Dry

Then, let it air dry completely before storing away in a safe place until its next use!

Wrap It Up

For added protection against wear and tear, wrap some aluminum foil around the bristles after washing them. This will keep the bristles straight to prevent wonky shapes from forming.

Store It Upright

And finally, store upright rather than lying flat so that no dirt or dust gets stuck inside the bristles while not in use.

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