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What Is Paint Primer?

What is Paint Primer?

Right next to the cans of paint in any store are cans of paint primer, and sometimes you’ll see it combined with the main paint material. But what is primer? Is it necessary? Can you skip it or go with a two-in-one?

These are all common questions we get and rightfully so. Adding primer to a project extends the cost, time, and effort expended on whatever you’re working on. In fact, one of the top questions we get is whether primer is necessary before painting. (Click here for the answer.)

We’re looking at exactly what primer is meant to do so you have a better understanding of why it’s a crucial step of painting.

What Primer Does

Primer creates a more stable and durable surface on which you can apply your paint. Surfaces like wood and masonry are incredibly porous and will soak up a lot of paint without a pre-sealing layer of primer. But even drywall deserves to be treated with primer if you’re looking for the best results from your paint job.

Aside from an easier time painting, primer is meant to help you even after your project is completed. The seal primer created on your surface will be resistant to moisture and stains, keeping your paint looking better for longer.

How to Apply Primer

The specifics of using a primer will depend on the surface to which you are applying. You should also make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions printed on the product in regards to coats necessary, drying time, and risks.

A standard rule is to apply two coats of primer. Apply it just as you would paint, using a roller and brush that are high quality. Ensure the primer is applied in an even coat and touches every area will the paint will go.

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