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How Paint Color and Emotion Connect

Why Color Matters

If you’re embarking on a painting project, you probably have an idea in mind of what color you’d like to use. Maybe it’s your favorite color, or maybe it goes well with your furniture. But there’s another element you need to consider when painting a room: emotion.

Colors have a profound effect on how we feel. It’s why we find art so provocative, and why it can even impact your mood at home.

Here’s how your paint choices can influence your mood.

Color and Feel

The common colors we all know and enjoy each have unique characteristics that can influence our perception. For example, warmer colors like red or orange exude energy, confidence, and enthusiasm. On the other hand, cooler colors like blue or gray convey more laid-back energy.

So when it comes to choosing colors for your home, think about what energy you want to have in a space. In a living room or common area, you may want a higher-energy color to liven up your space. In the bathroom or bedroom, you might want something more subtle that conveys relaxation.

Color and Space

Not only the content of the color, but the space in which it is used can have a significant impact on your mood and how you feel living in your home. For example, a dull color in a small room can make it seem smaller and make you feel confined. But using color techniques to open up a space will help you feel relaxed and more comfortable.

Lighter colors will make a room feel larger, as the light reflects off the walls and brightens up the space.

Painting Happiness in Every Home

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