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When Is the Best Time to Paint Your Home?

When Is the Best Time to Paint Your Home?

Homeowners often ask when the best time of year is to embark on a painting project. Each situation is different, so there aren’t many rules, though it may matter for your schedule and whether or not you’re looking to have a professional complete the work.

Here are some tips for scheduling a painting project for your home.

Interior Painting

For California homeowners, there is really no bad time to paint the inside of your home. However, there may be a few benefits to waiting for the winter or rainy months, as professional painters are busiest during the summer. Sometimes you can find extra savings by waiting until right after Christmas, which is typically the slowest season for most home services.

Exterior Painting

The best time for exterior painting is during the summer when there’s significantly less rain in the forecast. The greater Los Angeles area typically has good weather all year, though, so if summer doesn’t work for you, you can still work on a project during the winter. If you’re planning on using a painting contractor, connect with them early so you can plan the best time together that fits in your schedule and avoids potentially harsh weather.

DIY Tips

If you’re planning on doing some painting on your own, there are also some scheduling tips to keep in mind. For example, you’ll need to know how long it will take to complete the project. For indoor painting, a room or section of the home may be unusable (not ideal for holiday hosting). For the outside, you may have decorations to put up or other work that needs to be done, both of which will interfere with a painting project.

The planning stage is crucial for a well-executed paint refresh, no matter which part of your home it takes place.

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