How Can You Have Some Exterior Painting Fun This Spring?

Sure, painting is an essential part of being a homeowner.

But that doesn’t mean it needs to be a chore.

We believe that you can (and should!) truly have fun with your interior and exterior paint’s potential, and let your personality and tastes shine through.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share some fun ideas for how to add a splash of extra color to your home this spring. As a bonus, many of these ideas will help improve your property’s curb appeal and marketability. In fact, in a previous article we went over exactly how and why painting can impact your home’s value; if you missed it, just click on over here for a quick read.

Architecturally-Correct Color Schemes

With specific architecture, especially if you have an older home or a property built in a traditional style, there will be color schemes typical of that design. In this region of the country, many times these palettes include bright, vibrant colors that can be a lot of fun to incorporate. You can get inspired by simply researching your home.

Paint Your Front Door With a Memorable Color

Your home’s entry isn’t just a door; it’s really the first greeting you and your guests receive. Why not make it a warm one?

Colorful, vibrant front doors are stylish, attractive, and just plain fun.

Shutter and Trim Paint Colors

Not only is the photo above a great example of how a front door can be inviting, but take a look at the shutters too. It’s okay (even encouraged!) to think outside the box and add pops of color that play well with the rest of your property. It ties the palette together well, and can create a truly striking aesthetic.

Here’s another example. Isn’t it nice?

Repainting Your Garage Door

Whether painted or stained, bright or subdued, your garage door’s power shouldn’t be underestimated. It can look fantastic, and also be a huge selling point for your property down the road. 

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