How Do You Clean Marks off of Flat Paint?

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How To Clean Flat Paint Walls

Flat (or matte) paint is a friendly sort of product. It goes on easily, looks past surface imperfections, and creates a smooth, pleasant finish. It’s not very bright or reflective, but it happily serves its purpose.

The downside, however, is that it’s quick to smudge and brings very little durability to the table.

For all of the reasons above, you typically see flat paint used on ceilings where foot traffic, bumps, and smudges are all generally non-issues.

Occasionally, however, you do see it used on walls. And, if it is on the walls in your home, you someday will encounter the inevitable smudge. The question then becomes: “How do I clean my wall without damaging the paint?”

Protecting Your Flat Paint While Removing Marks And Smudges

In this case, less is definitely more. The key to effectively cleaning your flat paint walls is to start by doing as little as possible, then incrementally working up from there. If you jump right in with strong cleaners and a fresh batch of elbow grease, you are practically guaranteed to end up with damaged paint.

  • Warm water and a soft sponge – Try cleaning without any sort of detergent involved first. Water is the universal solvent, so give it a chance to work its magic all by itself.
  • Light, diluted cleaner – If plain water doesn’t do the trick, add just a little bit of detergent and create a light solution.
  • Cleaning pad – Have you tried the Easy Eraser from Scotch-Brite?
  • Touch it up – Sometimes touching the paint up and covering the stain is easier than trying to clean it off.
  • Repaint – If all else fails, try repainting in a different (and more durable) sheen. Especially in high-traffic areas, upgrading to an eggshell finish will make your life a lot easier in the long-run.

Bonus Tip: Try washing an inconspicuous spot first (maybe behind the couch?) before you commit to experimenting in a more mainstream area.

Could You Use The Help Of A Qualified Professional Painter?

If a repaint is necessary, or if you simply want to avoid the hassle of dealing with flat paint long-term, contact us today. We can turn a messy situation into an ALLBRiGHT opportunity, filling your space with ideal, beautiful, durable paint.

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