Painting Coastal Homes in the Los Angeles Area

Every good thing comes with a price (and many good things come with several prices!). For those Los Angeles residents fortunate enough to have a home near the beach, one of those prices will be exterior paint maintenance. If you have an established plan with a painting contractor, however, your home can be kept in great shape, preventing more costly repairs.

Why Do Beach Homes in Los Angeles Require More Maintenance?

Three words: Sun and Salt. That blessed salty breeze that conjures such wonderful sensations is not entirely benign; it will contribute greatly to the deterioration of any exterior metal surfaces. And the sun that makes the Los Angeles beaches such a delight is also a culprit; it dries out paint and stain, baking it and causing premature failure.

What Are the Warning Signs I Should Look For?

On painted surfaces, watch for cracking, bubbling, or chalking. These are the warning signs that coastal life has taken its toll on your surfaces, and you will need to give it some attention very soon. In the case of metal rails and fixtures, watch for cracked or flaking paint, and also for signs of rust. Sometimes rust can even be developing under the paint that looks fine if there are cracks that allow salty air and moisture to enter.

On stained surfaces, your wood will start to look faded and very dry. If this is not dealt with properly, the stain will entirely fail and your doors or trim will suffer serious splitting.

It’s Important to Paint Coastal Homes Early and Often

Although it may seem like a greater expense, it is actually less costly to maintain your home on a regular basis. If paint gets to a point where it is truly failing, the surface can’t be simply repainted. It must be carefully stripped and prepped, otherwise, the new paint will fail right along with the old stuff. When the paint has reached that stage, restoring your surfaces will be a massive job. Wood can crack and rot, stucco can intake and hold water, mold and mildew can grow, rust can flourish, and disaster is not far away.

When you perform regular maintenance, it is a fairly minor job, which will save you a great deal of hassle. Using quality primers, fillers, and paints will also make a difference, as they last longer. Finally, choosing a good residential painting company will help you ensure that the job is done correctly, with all the necessary attention to detail.

A Residential Painting Company Serving Coastal Los Angeles

If your home is on the beach or near the coast, trust a painter who has long experience with caring for exterior surfaces in extreme conditions. ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING is used to working in all kinds of conditions, from demanding commercial and industrial projects to multi-million dollar homes. You can depend on us for top-quality care for your Los Angeles beach house.