When You See This

When you see this ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING van in your community, it’s a promise!  When you see an ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING team member wearing his or her company uniform, it’s a promise!  It’s not just a logo; it’s a promise of the ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING Experience!   We train and work hard for our clients to experience “happiness” first and foremost.   We hear too often that people were unhappy with their last choice of contractor to work in and around their home or business.  Typically, we hear they were disappointed with low-quality craftsmanship and/or frustrated when the job took too long.  The only way we have found to avoid these concerns is to commit to exceptional quality, exquisite attention to detail, and to stand behind the work we produce.

This is what we at ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING have been doing successfully for over 25 years:  Painting Happiness

  • We will promptly return all telephone calls
  • We will start & finish your project on time
  • We will maintain a neat, clean work environment
  • We will provide a total commitment to all details
  • We will stand behind our work
  • We pledge an assurance of high quality


    Joshua Abramson – Cheif Solutionist