Leadership 101 – Our Response to When Mistakes Happen

Leadership 101

At ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING we don’t always want to just write about how great everything is over here and how perfect we are.  We’re not.  We want to be real!  Sometimes that means showing our fans, friends, customers and vendors that we’re not perfect either.  No company really is.  So I thought I would share something that happened last week and how we learn when we make mistakes.  

Last week we had an issue with some of our equipment being returned to the shop without properly being cared for.  We then had an early morning company meeting to discuss the ALLBRIGHT sprayer and equipment maintenance procedures.  We also had our Dunn Edwards Paint rep there to educate our crews on some new cool products from Carboline that stick amazingly well to stainless steel and another product that encapsulates rust on ferrous metals.  In addition to that, we had our 3M rep there to get everyone “fit-tested” for respirator safety.  All in all it was a good and productive meeting.  

By that afternoon, I received this email from one of our crew leaders.  

It read: “Hi, I just wanted to tell you, even though I didn’t use the machine directly I accept I’m responsible.  I feel bad for the situation that happened, and THANK YOU for reminding me for the things I have to do better, sorry for the inconvenience.  I’m gonna be forcing myself to make things better in an ALLBRIGHT way.  Have an ALLBRIGHT day!”

We at ALLBRIGHT believe this is a leadership response to when something goes wrong or mistakes happen.  We believe leadership is one of responsibility and owning up to mistakes when made. 

Lastly, the next day, we found our company spray gun cleaned to look brand new by another crew member.  He sent us this picture saying, “It’s ALLBRIGHT now!”  

As president and chief solutionist, I’m proud of how the ALLBRiGHT PAINTING Happiness Team takes personal responsibility seriously.   

The attached picture legend:
1. A spray gun was returned dirty to the shop.
2. ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING has group training on sprayer maintenance.
3. Our Crew Leaders’ email response to the issue. This is true leadership!
4. Back to ALLBRIGHT standards #paintinghappiness #allbrightpainting