Should I Paint My Garage Door?

One of the most prominent features of most homes here in the Los Angeles area is the garage door (or more often, doors!). Because they are such a large surface, these doors play a large part in creating the overall look of your home exterior. That’s why it’s important to keep your garage doors looking great! So, the question is, “Should I paint my garage doors?”

If your garage doors are made of wood, there is no reason to hesitate in painting them. Especially if you can see any places where the paint is beginning to fail, it is vital that you have your garage doors recoated soon. If your doors are stained rather than painted, the same principle applies.

Should Metal Garage Doors Be Painted?

If your garage doors are steel or aluminum, there may be a reason to hesitate before painting them. The reason is that they come from the factory with an extremely durable finish, sometimes called “baked enamel” or “powdercoat.” This factory finish will normally last for a long time and require very little maintenance. However, if you paint over the baked enamel, it will need to be maintained every 5 to 10 years.

That said, if your house is in need of updating for some reason, it will probably be worth it to you to paint your garage doors. There are several reasons someone might do this:

  • The existing paint is wearing out (chalking, rusting, peeling).
  • The house has been repainted, and the garage doors no longer match.
  • The house looks drab with too much of the same color, and the garage doors could provide an attractive contrast.
  • You are ready for a change in the look of your house, but you are not ready for a complete repainting.

Whatever reasons you may have for wanting to paint your garage doors, ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING is here to help. We provide reliable, top-notch garage painting services in Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles.