The Color Red

As the holiday season approaches, we are introduced with color everywhere. Wrapping paper, garland, Christmas lights, wreaths, greeting cards and much more are full of color. The one color that really stands out above them all during the holiday season is the color red. Red is full of life and is the perfect color to put just about anywhere around your home, including your walls. Let's take a moment to explore the benefits of this holiday color and how it can benefit you this season.

Red is a color that triggers attention and a reaction more than any other color. It is the most recognized color by the human eye. For this reason, advertising companies use red to grab your attention! During the holidays, reds are used because it stirs our emotions towards “tidings of good cheer.” Everyone seems to love seeing red. Because red is the color of choice this time of year, the use of it in your home decor will add the finishing touches before your guest arrives.

Typically reds are used as accents, not the primary decorating color. When installing garland around your home, use deep and warm red bows to your garland to draw the eye to your display. Purchase red and white candles to accent your coffee table or fireplace mantel. Also, the use of miniature apples, cranberries, and other red accent decor can be used for centerpieces and to give your entry wreath just the right amount of color.

Finally, when it comes to painting, you cannot go wrong painting your dining room shade of red. Deep reds, red wine, pomegranate or candy apple reds look fabulous with crown molding, chair rail, and large baseboards. Red dining rooms invite your guest to stay awhile and have good conversations. It adds a feeling of warmth and comfort, which is perfect for the Christmas season.

The color red can also be used for a negative reaction, so always be careful when using too much red. If you just are unclear about how to effectively use this amazing color, ask ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING. Their professional colorist will help you add the perfect amount to your home.

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