Wall Tiles | We Can Do That!

Yesterday we had a prospective client call us to ask if we were familiar with¬†wall tiles¬†and whether or not we could install them in her home. She had asked other painting contractors but they didn’t seem to know what she was referring to. But we do! We have worked with many designers over the years whose creative inspiration has exposed us to hundreds of new design techniques.

This particular look is created using several sculpted 3-dimensional tiles that are adhered to the wall using a tacky wall adhesive. The tiles are then caulked to fill the cracks (a good painter will be able to smooth out the caulking very well to make it look like one large adhesive piece). Then the whole piece is primed and painted to finish the look….great for a focal point in the living room, backboard in the bedroom or anywhere you might want to break up a large wall.