Cabinet Refinishing in Stevenson Ranch

Do you have kitchen cabinets that look like they are from a different era? Many of our clients have wanted to change the look of their “golden-oak” cabinets, as they are sometimes called. They’ve stated that they don’t go with the new trends they’ve been seeing. Years of wear and tear on your kitchen cabinets can also be a reason for refreshing. If you are thinking about getting new cabinetry, maybe you should consider another alternative. You can refinish your cabinetry and give it a look that will complement your home’s interior design. There are many different options out there regarding different finishes.

One finish you might want to consider for your kitchen cabinets is what we call “Antique White.” Many people like this antique look (see before & after pictures of a kitchen we painting in Stevenson Ranch, CA). This finish is where we apply an off-white color on the cabinets first and then add glazes on top to outline the shapes in the cabinetry to give it a warm look. Other finishes to consider include a Cherry stain or a Mocha colored stain (theses are darker finishes), both of which are very popular. Again, we can add colored glazes that will fill in the crevices and give more dimension to the wood and an appeal of elegance.