Faux Finishing… the Fabulous Art of Fakery

Over the past several years, faux finishing has grown in both technique and in popularity. Derived from the French word for false, faux (pronounced fO, not fox) typically refers to the art of fakery – making something appear as a certain material, such as faux pearls, fur, skins, etc. In the world of paint and interior design, however, it refers to the finish given to walls, exteriors, and other painted surfaces that make it appear to be textured. Traditional faux finishes include marbles, wood grains, leather, and metals. Yet, because of the increase in popularity and technique, the term faux finishing can refer to nearly any decorative finish such as color washes, broken color, distressing techniques, and many more.

Most paint supply companies now offer a wide range of faux finishing products that customers and professionals can use to get the look they want. Some even offer step by step instructions or advice for understanding the product and technique. While many techniques are easy to learn and execute, some finishes are best left to the professionals. Although, even professionals can find some techniques a little tricky! This is why it is important to find a painting company that is experienced in this art for best results. For more information about what is available and for pictures of our faux finishes, check out our portfolio here.