How to Hire a Painting Contractor in Los Angeles

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Before hiring a painter for your next paint project, ask yourself: “What kind of painter do I really want?” We can agree on one thing that we all want a good paint job that will last, right? If so, finding “Mr. Right” takes a little bit of research! Lets dig a little deeper and determine the specific type of paint contractor that is right for you!

I typically put painters into three categories: A true professional, a paint company who works in your area but is not very professional, and, what I call the “pot and brush” painter: he shows up with a bucket and a brush, ready to paint.

Pot and Brush Painter

You’ve all seen this type of painter on a number of occasions. You can identify him when Monday morning comes around and he doesn’t show up. He will arrive in his “classy”, rust-bucket sedan, leave when the surf is good, and get the job done on his own time schedule. When he begins to paint, you might find a few paint drips on your carpet, floors and windows, but the overall surface will look decent. He will also give you an incredible price too. Lastly, when he finishes you will typically be calling another painter or cleaning company to clean up the mess he left you.

Community Painter, but not Real Professional

Your “community” painter (seen around town here and there) is normally good at what he does but lacks professionalism. A non-professional would be described as: one who has a staff of painters but may not have company trucks, uniformed employees, does not always return phone calls promptly, no job sign and sometimes runs a little late to appointments. He also has his own agenda when it comes to painting your home instead of making you and your needs a priority. This type of painter usually prices jobs that are more appealing to most homeowners at a quick glance.

A True Professional

The painting contractor that I hope you will use is a “True Professionals.” This is the company that will NOT let you down. This contractor will paint circles around the others listed above. Although you might have to pay a little more to get a professional painter, you will be glad you did in the end. A true professional runs his business with integrity and can be trusted. A professional will not let you down but strives for 100% satisfaction. He or she will return calls promptly, listen to all your concerns, identify a solution that meets your needs and will get the job done with an incredible staff of professional, uniformed and clean painters. Professionals painters will make painting your home an enjoyable experience from start to finish.