5 Tips for a More Organized, Attractive, and Functional Garage

Starting the new year off with a garage remodel requires planning and a little effort. Though the makeover needs both time and money, the long-lasting satisfaction is well worth the price. Create a smooth flow of traffic for your car and your home with simple organization and increased storage in your garage.

Makeover Your Garage for Style and Functionality

1. Increase Storage

Whether you choose overhead storage shelves or new cabinets, increasing storage in your garage helps you keep tools, sports equipment, and totes neatly organized. Overhead racks give your garage a convenient space for small or large storage boxes. Metal or wooden overhead shelves keep ropes, towels, or coolers within reach and out of the way.

Both short and tall, new cabinets easily store loose sports balls or workout equipment. With shelves and hooks inside, tall cabinets add discreet storage for coats or jackets. Depending on your garage’s style, the right cabinet will bring a modern or traditional touch to the appearance.

2. Create a Drop Zone

Dedicate a small space in your garage where you can quickly grab your stuff on your way out or drop it off before coming inside. This is a convention station to store jackets, hats, purses, backpacks, and shoes, and whatever else you need to shed. Consider including a shallow bench with pull-out baskets underneath, cubbies, and a slim wall-mounted cabinet to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

3. Install a Workbench

A suitable workbench tends to take up valuable real estate in your garage. Mounting a fold-down workbench on the wall ensures you have space to assemble parts or fix broken equipment. You can easily collapse the workbench to save space or leave the bench open to store hand tools. Not only does a fold-down workbench improve functionality in your garage, but it also adds a charming visual aesthetic.

4. Hang a Pegboard or Slatwall

From durable metal to decorative plastic, a pegboard in your garage is a simple storage option for your tools or loose parts. Designed to de-clutter your workspace, the open holes on the pegboard provide the perfect spacing for anything from arts and craft materials to heavy-duty power drills.

Depending on the finish and material, Slatwall lends a neat and organized look to the interior of your garage. Grooves paired with hooks create flexible on-wall storage for large items such as bikes, kayaks, or ladders. Place bins or baskets on hooks to store cleaning products, or hang garden equipment such as rakes or outdoor brooms on open pegs.

5. Upgrade the Floor

Transform your dull, concrete garage floor into a work of art. A polyurea floor coating adds a high-gloss texture to the surface for visual appeal. The flexible topcoat is resistant to cracks, chipping, peeling, abrasion, and chemicals, and it wipes clean for easy maintenance with an ordinary mop. You can also customize your concrete coating with a variety of colors and a blend of flakes so that your garage reflects your unique style and is a true extension of your home.

Turn to the Los Angeles Garage Coating Experts

ALLBRiGHT PAINTING and its team of expert applicators will ensure a quality installation of your polyurea floor coating. Each installation comes with a 15-year Residential Warranty. We’re confident that your new floor will last decades. Call (661) 464-0771 or contact us here to schedule your appointment.